What is ADHD and how is ADHD different from Autism?

 What is ADHD and how is ADHD different from Autism?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a psychological wellness issue that can promote higher levels of hyperactive and imprudent practices. Individuals with this problem may likewise experience difficulty in concentrating on their work. Grown-ups and youngsters can have this wellness issue. 

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a genuine development issue that hinders the capacity of an individual to interact and communicate. Autism spectrum disorder has an impact on the sensory system and influences the psychological, enthusiastic, social, and physical wellbeing of the person. 

Numerous manifestations of autism spectrum disorders, for example, Asperger’s Syndrome are like side effects of ADHD. Since side effects of Asperger’s can be inconspicuous and hard to identify, the condition frequently goes undiscovered and autism misdiagnosed as ADHD

In recent studies, specialists found that between 30% to 50% of individuals with ASD likewise have similar symptoms of ADHD. Specialists don’t completely comprehend the reason why autism and ADHD take place together. The two conditions might be connected to hereditary qualities. The scientists found that individuals with both ADHD and autistic traits had higher chances of extra ADHD-related manifestations, including clumsiness, hyperactivity, and companion battling when compared to individuals with just ADHD. Researchers also claim autism and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder overlapping and discriminating symptoms. 

Autism vs ADHD in females

The symptoms of autism and ADHD in females will, in general, are more subtle as compared to males. Young ladies can be more versatile than young men, and better at veiling the traits related to autism, for instance by emulating the conduct of different young ladies. Females with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will in general be more compliant and less hyperactive. 

Attempting to conceal their issues can be a complicated task, which can affect a girl’s confidence and mental prosperity. For young ladies, the symptoms will in general be nervousness and dissatisfaction, which can prompt issues like discouragement, dietary issues, and self-destruction.

How to parent a child with these problems?

Here are a few systems to help guardians to take of their child if they are facing ADHD or autism or both:- 

  • Be consistent 
  • Understand your child’s condition 
  • Give them rewards for their work 
  • Use clear and simple messages 
  • Establish a routine
  • Believe in your child 
  • Have confidence in your abilities
  • Offer praise 


After reading the article you might be asking yourself, ``Did I just read quiz?”. The facts discussed in the article summarise the  ADHD and autism comorbidity. If you observe any of the symptoms discussed above it’s advisable to reach out to the best doctor near me and get yourself tested from top super specialty hospitals in Delhi so that it doesn’t get worse.

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