What is a total hip replacement? Know everything about it

 What is a total hip replacement? Know everything about it

Hip replacement surgery is perhaps the most successful compared to the rest of the surgeries. Since the mid-1960s, technology has essentially raised the achievement percentage of hip replacement surgery. It has also become very effective compared to the earlier days due to the latest techniques. Total hip replacement surgery cost around 4lakhs. 

These are the different sorts of joint inflammation that may influence the hip joint:

  • Osteoarthritis- This is a degenerative joint illness that generally influences moderately aged and senior citizens. It’s the most common form of arthritis. It might cause the breakdown of joint ligament and adjoining bone in the hips.
  • Rheumatoid joint pain- This sort of joint inflammation irritates the synovial covering of the  hip replacement joint. It causes extra synovial fluid. It might prompt extreme torment.
  • Traumatic joint pain- This is a joint inflammation that is caused by physical injury. It might harm the hip ligament.

What Happens After Hip Replacement Surgery?

You will probably remain in the medical clinic for four to six days and may need to remain in bed with a wedge-formed pad between your legs to keep the new hip joint set up. A seepage cylinder will probably be set in your bladder to help you go to the washroom. Exercise-based recuperation starts the day after a medical procedure and in the next few days, you can stroll with a walker, braces, or a stick. You will proceed with active recuperation for quite a long time after the medical treatment.

Is Hip Replacement Surgery Safe?

Hip replacement surgery has been performed for quite a long time and safer methods are being improved constantly. Likewise the other medical procedures, there are hazards. Since you won’t have the option to move around much from the start, blood clumps are a specific concern. Your physician will give you blood thinners to help forestall blood clots from happening.

Other more uncommon worries that you and your primary care physician should keep an eye out for are:

• Your legs may not be of equivalent length after the medical procedure.

• You should be mindful as you should not fold your legs and you should not sit too low in light of the fact that the joint might get disengaged.

• Pieces of fat in the bone marrow may enter the circulation system and get into the lungs, which can cause intense breathing issues.

• Nerves in the hip territory might be harmed from expanding or pressure and can cause some pain. 


To summarize just like other surgeries, total hip replacement surgery also has some negative impacts. Contrasted with different medical procedures this is a lot more secure and has a better success rate. Technology is propelling step by step, so there is consistently a scope for betterment. Further developed and safe methods will be coming up in the future. It’s your turn to make the call whether to get the surgery done or not. You can take a decision after speaking to your physician as they would recommend you the best line of action in terms of the medical treatment procedure to be followed.

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