Weight Loss surgery, Impact of regular exercise on bariatric patient

 Weight Loss surgery, Impact of regular exercise on  bariatric patient

How does regular exercise affect Bariatric surgery patients?

Bariatric Surgery is the medicinal term that is used for weight-loss surgeries. These surgeries will bring change to your digestive system that will help you to lose weight. This surgery tends to limit the amount of food you intake or reduce your ability to absorb nutrition and sometimes it works either or both.

Let us discuss its entire process, cost, how effective exercises are after having this surgery in detail.

To be noted that weight loss surgery shall be only:

  • Diet or exercise plans have not worked in your favor despite having a good trainer or dietician.
  • The person has some serious health condition as a result of their weight.
  • The person shall not do it for the reason of having cosmetic improvement, if a person genuinely has a threat due to weight then it is advisable.

Bariatric Surgery Cost.

The cost of the surgery ranges between 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs depending upon the type, city, and the doctors one prefers. The types of the surgery also determine its cost. Let us know the types of Bariatric surgery.

  1. Adjustable gastric banding
  2. Rgastric-Y gastric bypass
  3. Biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch
  4. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

Adjustable gastric banding utilizes a  band made of silicon that is across the top part of the stomach and it reduces the area from where the food is intaken as a result of which the patient feels full, despite having less food intake, this is how it works. Although this only process won’t help, exercising is necessary for building a healthy lifestyle.


This procedure shall only be taken when options like medicines, diet, and exercise did not work out. One must consider these factors while opting for this surgery.

  • Your body mass index (BMI) is greater than 32.5
  •  You are suffering from serious health issues such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or severe heart chronic diseases.
  •  Also in some cases, patients with a BMI of 30 to 34 could have this surgery if the person has life-threatening issues due to being overweight.



Your Bariatric surgeon might advise a weight loss goal and that should be taken care of pre-surgery and if it is not achieved, the surgery has to be delayed until you reach that ideal weight required pre-surgery.


The diet shall be prescribed by a dietician and these normally consist of Liquid diets, fewer spices intake, Pureed diets that are normally seedless fruits, one must eat in proper portions and maintain the calorie counts, avoiding binge eating and take utmost care for having effective results.

Bariatric Surgery Sleeve

It is a procedure that removes seventy to eighty percent of the stomach. It is now the most commonly performed bariatric procedure,  which is also acknowledged across the world.

Exercising plays a pivotal role. Even simple changes  bring significant changes in peoples life 

  • Avoid sitting for long periods and take a walk at short intervals.
  • Stretching at work
  • Taking stairs instead of the lift.


Physical activity after weight loss surgery will help you reduce weight earlier than those who don’t follow a healthy regime of workouts and exercises. To get ideal best results after surgery one shall inculcate it in their lifestyle.

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