Skin redness, Cure, Sunburn & When to see a doctor

 Skin redness, Cure, Sunburn & When to see a doctor

Skin redness: is it a concern? When to see a doctor?

This is a concern only if it is due to other reasons where one requires medicinal treatment or consultation with a doctor. Sometimes due to exertion, the skin becomes red after exercises or heavy workouts.

Normally this is not always the reason for concern but sometimes it can be irritating and also can be the reason for being uncomfortable. It is always advisable to visit the doctor because proper medications and skin treatments may help you to prevent such disease from happening again.

Skin Redness on Face  

The redness in the skin can be due to rashes, acne, sunburns, allergic reaction to any chemical that reacted to your skin, and many other reasons.

How to cure redness on the face overnight?

To reduce redness, one shall have a cool bag of green tea because the caffeine in that causes blood vessels to settle down. Gently press the cool green bag around your pimple, it soothes the skin reduces swelling also, this is the fastest remedy that can help you.

Let us  see, what are the reasons for this redness and how it can be resolved by various treatments:


It is due to excessive heat on the outer layer of skin and in more severe cases, blistering also happens. Home remedies are effective.

  • Use cold water
  • Baking soda and oatmeal 
  • Aloe vera

Other burns such as:

  • Thermal Burns- It mainly occurs due to interaction with hot liquid, flames
  • ElectricBurns- It is caused by a current that passes through the skin(Termed as an electrical shock)
  • Chemical Burns- This is caused due to strong reaction of chemicals on the skin(Bleaches, detergents could be the reasons for the same)
  • Radiation Burns- This is the result due to any radiation exposure, which could be cancer therapy treatments.
  • Friction Burns- This is caused by rubbing of skin against tough/Hard material that causes friction.

The severity of the burns also have the following effects:

  •  First-degree Buns can be defined as: They are very mild and easily curable.
  •  Second and third-degree Burns can be defined as Serious burns that affect the layers of the skin deeper than the first case burns.
  • Fourth-degree burns: These burns affect the skin most and also muscles and bones.

Skin Redness on Legs 

Skin Redness on the legs is a condition seen where chronic venous disease. Common reasons for redness on legs, improper medication, salt retention, any heart failures, pregnancy issues, improper blood flows in veins. The treatment that can be practiced here is the intake of antibiotics and by proper consultation of a doctor.

When to worry about Rashes in Adults?

Widespread infection of rashes due to fungal or allergic reaction brings fever along with rashes.

Signs when one must take it as an alarming warning.

  • The rashes that bring severe fever also bring herpes.
  • Severe allergic reaction to the body is caused and if not treated, then it can be risky.
  • A blistering rash may be a sign of pemphigus Vulgaris.
  • The body becomes purplish due to deadly infection germ.
  • Yellowing of skin can be due to liver disease and darkening of the same may identify diabetes.
  • There could be a poisonous insect bite, that needs blood to be cut off from that specific area.

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