Ophthalmology and Best Eye Specialists in Delhi

Best eye specialist in Delhi

Ophthalmology, a field of study dealing with the visual system in the human body. Ophthalmology encapsulates diagnosis and treatment of eyes. 

The expert doctors with their specialty in eyesight are known as ophthalmologists. 

Common Eye Problems

  1. Cataract: Clouding occurs in front of the eye causing blurriness in the vision. Although, it does not cause any pain. It requires surgery for treatment. Know everything about Cataract treatment from the best eye specialist in Delhi
  2. Conjunctivitis: The condition in which inflammation occurs at the eyelid membrane and eye lining. Conjunctivitis leads to a burning sensation or itching sensation in the eye causing dry and uncomfortable eyes. 
  3. Glaucoma: The major cause of blindness in Indians. Glaucoma damages the optic nerve of the eyes in humans and progresses over time. In glaucoma, the fluid pressure inside the eye increases rapidly and thus causing vision loss

Best Eye Specialist in Delhi