Most common ENT problems, causes, and treatment in Delhi

 Most common ENT problems, causes, and treatment in Delhi

What do you mean by ENT and what are the common ENT problems?

ENT stands for Ear, nose, and throat. Commonly known as ENT physicians, Otolaryngologists are individuals trained in medicine and surgical treatment. These types of physicians deal with patients who have disorders or diseases related to the ear, nose, throat, and any other structure of the head and as well as neck.

What causes ENT problems and what are some ENT problems symptoms

ENT problems arise from common problems such as strep throat and infections in the ear which lead to complex conditions like ringing in the ears, taste and smell disorders, head and neck cancer. These are also some of the ENT problems symptoms that can be observed at early stages.

What are the most common ENT problems? 

ENT problems that an individual faces are bound to vary. Every human being has a different mechanism in their body thus there will always be different types of ent problems and solutions. Some of the most common ENT problems are sinusitis, sleep apnea, hearing loss, gastric reflux, dysphagia, and cholesteatoma. 

Let’s discuss a few of them in detail and understand their symptoms.  


 If the person suffers from inflammation or infection of one or more of the sinuses, the condition is diagnosed as sinusitis. 

To identify sinuses, you need to look out for air-filled cavities that would be located in the bones of the face. Depending upon this location, they are categorized and named. Maxillary, ethmoid, sphenoid, and frontal sinuses are some of their names.

Stuffy or running nose, headache, frequent fevers, and cough are some of the symptoms of sinuses.

Sleep apnea

When a person’s breath is obstructed in short intervals or at times it completely stop, it is identified as sleep apnea. This repetition and disturbance cause a gap in quality sleep schedules. 

Some symptoms which will help you identify sleep apnea are snoring, frequent pauses in breathing while sleeping, and drowsiness during the day.

Hearing loss 

This type of condition is examined under ent problems related to iron deficiency. Hearing loss occurs when damages are found in tiny blood vessels of the ear. People with iron deficiency are at high risk for this condition.

Are there treatments available for ent problems?

Most of the ent related disorders and diseases can be treated effectively, some of them are known to cause serious damage. Ent problems related to lead are one such example. Advanced treatments are provided efficiently when consulted by the physicians. It is to be said that common ent problems in general practice can be prevented by taking precautions and proper measures. Even the air that we breathe contains pollutants which can harm us by causing ent problems related to sulphur dioxide

It is always suggested to consult ENT Specialists health care and providers as soon as you notice early symptoms of any of the ent diseases and treatment is carried out suitably after the diagnosis. 

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