Medical Tourism in India

 Medical Tourism in India

The medical tourism industry has become a flourishing industry in the past few years. In medical tourism, individuals travel to different nations to get clinical, dental, and medical care, while likewise appreciating neighborhood attractions. For correlation, a $150,000 open-heart medical procedure in the United States should be possible for $3,000 to $10,000 in India’s best clinics. India is rapidly turning into the head objective for outsiders looking for similar quality medical services at a lot less expensive cost.

The worldwide medical tourism industry market is assessed to be around $45.5 billion to $72 billion. Driving objections inside the medical tourism industry market incorporates Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States.

The worldwide medical tourism industry market was estimated at USD 15.43 billion out of 2017 and is required to enlist a CAGR of 8.5% during the estimated time of 2018-2023. Asia-Pacific represented the biggest portion of around 40% of the worldwide market, though, North America was assessed to enlist the quickest CAGR over the forecast time frame. The number of medical tourism companies is increasing every year. Thus, the public authority of India has empowered the development of the medical tourism industry and corporate emergency clinics through public policy. The National Health Policy of 2002 effectively advanced the development of the medical tourism industry by making the visa procedure much simpler.

Why is India preferred for medical tourism?

The minimal cost of therapy is the main factor urging numerous travelers to visit the nation to look for clinical assistance. While different nations have expounded cycles to acquire a visa, India is continually pursuing making the cycle more streamlined and cost-effective, permitting more unfamiliar clinical travelers to enter the country. India has over 500+ licensed medical care suppliers.

Although India is a non-industrial nation, it offers prompt assistance and health care services to patients. The nation likewise provides the best in class clinical services supported with the assistance of the most recent innovation and experienced doctors. During the recuperation time frame, patients can undergo a large number of treatments like Yoga, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy.

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Problems with medical tourism

While there are huge advantages of the medical tourism industry, there are significant disadvantages. There is consistently a chance of low-quality medical procedures and poor facilities. At the point when patients travel to developing nations, the norms of clinical consideration may not generally coordinate their assumptions which could represent an issue. 

Furthermore, after an exhausting medical treatment, going back from another nation may prompt complications in the patient’s wellbeing. Acclimating to another country during therapy which could incorporate admittance to the correct food and communicating in a similar language are some crucial pain points related to the medical tourism industry.


India being a developing nation, has a splendid degree in the medical tourism industry. The medical tourism industry is developing by 30% consistently. India offers top-notch services at an affordable cost as compared to most nations and this is the fundamental explanation for India’s development. India can further grow in the medical tourism space by deploying resources into innovation and technological growth to improve the nature of medical services that they offer.

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