Lung transplant surgery and recovery process explained.

 Lung transplant surgery and recovery process explained.

Lung Transplant

This surgical treatment is a boon for patients who are suffering from end-stage problems. The organ can be received from a living person or a deceased person. A living donor can donate only one lung. This is the last resort a patient has to adopt after various treatments, medications, or failing procedures.

It is a boon but also has severe complications and aids in improving the quality of life of the patient.

Why is a Lung Transplant done?

Unhealthy and improper oxygen flows result in severe health complications which becomes a great cause of risk to human life. A variety of diseases causes serious issues in these scenarios.

Some of them are High Blood pressure levels or Lung scarring.

Proper Medications or other breathing devices are initially advised but with the growing complexities, a doctor ensures the Lung transplantation depending upon single or double transplantation surgeries.

Lung Transplant cost in India

The cost of Lung Transplant cost ranges from 20-25 Lakhs, this also depends on various factors, including 

  1. Complications about health, 
  2. Doctors(Specialists Surgeons).
  3. The infrastructure of the hospital.
  4. City and the services offered.
  5. Recovery duration.
  6. Advanced Technologies are utilized in the operation.

Such factors also determine the cost & time involved in the lung transplantation process.

Finding The Right Donor

After completion of various tests and verification of medicinal requirements, one has to also take into account the factors that:

The match requires observation of all these cases:

1)Blood type.

2)Organs Size that is compared with chest activity.

3)The patient’s complication of the case.

4)The distance of the patient and the person 

5) The probability of the success of lung transplantation.

What is the duration of the person to live a normal life without a lung transplant?

Success Rate or duration of the person to survive after a lung transplant?

Answering these questions and on a higher probability basis, looking out for various alternative options, the person decides whether to move forward with the treatment or not.

Lung Transplant in India, Is it possible?

Normally this is dependent on the deceased donors’ approval to donate the organ, this is similar to heart operations carried in India. In total there are 4000 lung transplants carried globally and 200 are performed in India.

Lung Transplantation Procedure

When the recipient donor matches with the patient, one has to determine the health and the other conditions to initiate the procedure of Lung transplantation. It can be a single or double lung transplant. In a single lung transplant, a cut is made on one side, whereas, in a double lung transplant, It is either on the complete front portion or both sides of the lungs.

Complete anesthesia is given under this surgery as it is much more complicated than normal surgeries. Sometimes a receiver has to undergo bypass surgeries, depending upon cases and severity of health issues to maintain proper flow of oxygen and blood levels.

After Lung Transplantations one has to be closely monitored for months to examine their oxygen levels due to the complexities involved in this surgery. This is done for effectiveness as one needs to detect, prepare, reinsure the patient with proper health conditions after surgery.

Recovery duration of this Lung Transplantation

The duration of recovery depends upon individuals and it varies from person to person depending on their health conditions. An average person has to be under observation for Two weeks to have the proper recovery process.

Moreover, the success rate of lung transplantation also needs these things to ensure 

Success probabilities.

1)Exercises, workouts, and any physical activities are done. 

2)Therapies and Medication plans.

3) Proper Diets inclusion.

4)Avoid pushing, pulling, or lifting anything heavy.

5)The emotional environment is the underrated important factor for success rate Normally they are over-worried and there are many transplant groups that are in existence to determine this surety of a happy state.


Lung transplant also has the following risks after lung transplantation:

1)Blood clotting


3)Stomach problems


 Lung Transplants Success Rate

The success rate of Lung Transplant and The Lung Transplant Life expectancy

Normally 80% of people survive at least a year, whereas the success rate is 55%-70% after three years the transplantation is complicated as compared to surgery of other organs.

Survival rates by age

Normally the young ages have higher success rates but with age other factors like higher risks and along with other diseases, survival chances reduce. Some people also tend to live 10 years after this lung transplantation.

Waiting List 

This is a very difficult question to answer, as it is all upon probability to determine the time lag unless a particular donor becomes available and the performance of tests also needs to be taken care of. It is 3-6 Months under normal conditions. However, due to changing severity of cases, it can get delayed. It is difficult to get good organs from the donor depending upon single or double lung transplantations. This is referred to as a waiting list.

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