Know everything about Liver transplant in India

 Know everything about Liver transplant in India

The procedure of Liver transplant in India

A surgery of liver transplant is to remove the damage or deceased liver with a new one. The healthy liver is obtained from another person referred to as the donor. The failure of the liver to function properly warrants a liver transplantation.

Who is an ideal candidate for liver transplantation?

The experts by diagnosis and examination determine whether a candidate is an ideal one for liver transplantation or not. As part of the evaluation the surgical, clinical, socio- phycology along with other tests throw more light on whether a candidate is suited for the surgery.

Liver transplant and its types

There are three options when it comes to liver transplantation

  • Liver transplant of a living donor- from a living donor a portion of liver is dismantled that can now regenerate itself. Now the ultimate segment of a donor and transplanted portion of the liver would recoup into a normal sized liver
  • Liver transplant of a deceased owner- It means removal of the liver of a person who has died recently
  • Split donation transplant- the liver is taken away from someone who has died recently and segregated into pieces. Every piece resembles into an extraordinary character where in due course they grow into a normal size

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Is liver transplant an ideal surgical option in India?

India falls into the prominent nations offering affordable and quality liver transplant surgical procedures. Not only it is safe but a dependable option and a lot of medical tourists throng to India for availing the surgery. The top-tier hospitals of liver transplantation are well–equipped and prepared with skilled doctors along with surgeons on board. A major benefit of opting for a liver transplant in India is reduced cost. When you compare it to the costs in the USA or other European countries it is almost the half.

India possesses some of the quality hospitals in the world. This is in terms of ranking and state of the art infrastructure along with technology. With ultra-modern technology these hospitals are at par with the advanced nations of the world. Most of the surgeons are experienced, certified and internationally renowned. Availing the services of quality liver surgeons in India ensures you are in safe hands right from the inception to the restoration stage during the surgery. They are going to educate the patients about the dos and don’ts of the surgery. Since it is a critical decision in the life of the patients they have every right to be well informed about its pros and cons.

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The guidelines for the international travellers

Any tourist who is coming to India for medical purposes has an option to apply for a medical visa. But there are some protocols to be followed

  • The tourists need to comply with the self- declaration form on the web portal
  • All precautionary measures that includes environmental disinfection and sanitation is to be complied at the airport
  • When boarding the flight all measures of social distancing is to be followed
  • When you are on board the flight wear masks, and follow proper hygiene measures.

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