High-Risk Pregnancy | Everything you need to know

 High-Risk Pregnancy | Everything you need to know

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is a special case of pregnancy that involves and leads to possibilities of threats for the mother and the unborn child. The chances of a high-risk pregnancy can occur before, after, or even during the delivery. The unfortunate news of this type of pregnancy can be a shock to some couples and it is always recommended to consult healthcare contributors in case it occurs.

What are some common risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy?

  • The preferred age to conceive is below 35 years. Women above this high-risk pregnancy age bracket are often at the risk of the rising level of threats.
  • Standard of living is one of the crucial factors involved. Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, or any other illegal drugs can lead to further more damage during the pregnancy and even before conceiving.
  • Already existing health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, blood or heart disorders can be considered as an increasing factor.
  • Numerous pregnancies where a mother is bound to deliver twins or multiple babies can lead to higher pregnancy risks.
  • Chronicle pregnancy background is always to be taken into account while you’re considering or looking forward to more children in the future. It is often observed that women who have dealt with pregnancy-related disorders in their past are exposed to higher pregnancy risks.
  • Complications during the pregnancy or the delivery lead to the uncertain future of the mother, unborn child, or both. These can vary between minor health problems or ill-fated death.

How to reduce the high risks and lead to a healthy pregnancy?

  • Frequent consultations and visits to the healthcare centers will always bloom better results. Guidance at every step is important and hence the frequent visits will provide you with a sense of security.
  • Changes in your lifestyle and following healthy patterns in nutrition, motivation, and emotional stages will help you gain a calm and peaceful space in your head.
  • Surround yourself with a positive ambiance and distract yourself to avoid overthinking or over-analyzing.
  • If you are already suffering or facing a health disorder before the pregnancy, it is advised that you must visit your health care provider before conceiving to understand the risks and necessary precautions needed.
  • In certain circumstances, your doctor might prescribe you certain special tests like specialized ultrasound and other required tests. These tests vary according to the category of risks and complications involved.


The most frequently asked question is that, do women with high-risk pregnancies deliver healthy babies? It has been observed that even in these scenarios, healthy babies are born. If you’re in high-risk pregnancy, there’s a possibility that your delivery will be supervised thoroughly, hence you must choose a hospital that is comfortable for you. Prevention is better than cure.

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